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Wheat Free & Certified Vegan Superfood Bars

The award-winning bar that tastes like a dessert.With low and no sugar/sodium/nut options there’s a bar for you!


High Fiber Flavors!

Sugar Free Flavors!

Low Sugar Flavors!

Low Glycemic Flavors!

Dairy Free Flavors!

Nut free flavors!

Transfat free!

Sodium free flavors!

Low sodium!

All wheat free!

Certified vegan flavors!

You won’t believe it’s healthy!

Tastes Like a Dessert!

Feel Full for Hours!

CLEAN Ingredients!

Non GMO flavors!

In between meal snack!

Great if you miss a meal!


Satisfy Your Hunger!


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What is a Superfood?

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The BudiBar Story

Why did the founder of Budi Products create BudiBar and how did he go about it?

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