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Photo of whole grainOur mission

“Budi” is Indonesian for Wise and our mission is gourmet food that enhances brain function and much more.  Our bars are designed to taste just like your favorite foods that you love and are made from natural, whole food ingredients.  We are passionate about nourishing your brain while delighting your taste buds.

Photo of Michael McCarthy, Budi Products FounderA note from our founder

I created the Budi Bar in 2010 to meet my own need for a food bar that increased focus and attention and created steady crash free energy.  While studying Psychology and Mind/Body at Harvard, I learned how foods can have the same positive impact as medicine without drastic side effects or costly health expenses.

We brought together for the first time natural, superfood ingredients that have high antioxidant levels, mind balancing Omega-3 fatty acids, mind focusing amino acids, and natural ingredients that time release energy without causing sugar spikes.

My primary goal is giving you the health of superfoods while tasting like a gourmet treat.  After one year of tinkering with the recipe in my apartment kitchen, I created the Budi Bar and many focused fans along the way!

Be Wiser with Budi Bars,
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For Mind, Budi & Soul