Happy Healthy New Year!

All flavors are in stock and ready to ship!

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Keep it healthy in the New Year with fresh BudiBars®!

This month, get a 10 pack or 24 pack of yummy BudiBar® Walnut bars for 18% off when you use coupon code healthy2018.  Stay tuned for a different healthy deal every month in the coming year!


How did we spend our New Years?

Serving up healthy samples at the grand opening of the new Orangetheory Swampscott! Tell Jenny and Jake that BudiBar® sent you!

  • BudiBar® 10-packs are back!  What a great way to try a new flavor 🙂
  • Our Vegan Mixes come to you with a variety of Almond Dark, Walnut Dark, and Cacao BudiBars®. This no/low sugar mix is a fabulous option if you’re watching your sugar intake.
  • We now offer custom mixed cases of 10 or 24 BudiBars®!  Great for offices and gift-giving.
  • Try sending one of our new custom gift 6-packs instead of candy or flowers.  Smiles guaranteed!
NOTE: BudiBars® are baked fresh without preservatives and kept frozen until they ship to you. budibarPlease keep them refrigerated or frozen for longest shelf life, especially in warmer climates.  Remember, BudiBars® can go from freezer to fridge to room temperature and back again as many times as you like, and they only take a matter of minutes to defrost at room temperature.  So, keep your BudiBars® cool and enjoy them to the fullest!  
Can’t decide which flavors to order?  Try the new BudiBar® Sampler with 25 bars, 5 of each delicious variety or the 10-pack Sampler with 2 of each.  Subscription customers, enjoy FREE SHIPPING with every monthly or quarterly order. Check out our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram for details on how you can win free BudiBars® and other cool prizes.