Keep It Healthy in 2018 with fresh BudiBars®!

Back to school is in full swing so it’s time to start stuffing your kids lunch boxes with the good stuff! BudiBars are a perfect edition to any school lunch or a healthy meal replacement for the parent on the go. Use coupon code healthy2018 to get 10% 6 , 10 and 24 bar custom mixes, so make sure to stock up for the whole family! Remember to stay connected to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – you won’t want to miss our new Keep It Healthy deal every month this year!

Sunny days are finally here, so here’s a warm weather tip for you.  If your BudiBars® seem a little soft on arrival, just pop them in the fridge or freezer for a few hours – then enjoy!

Win FREE BudiBars®!

Take a photo of your BudiBar® sticker wherever it’s landed, or a picture of BudiBars® wherever you find them, post it on any of our social media platforms, and you’ll be entered in our monthly random drawing to win a free 10-pack of BudiBars®!  Best yet, your submission stays entered until it’s drawn as a winner. What could be sweeter than that?
Every BudiBar® order is shipped with this cool sticker:
BudiBars® are baked fresh without preservatives and kept frozen until they ship to you. budibarPlease keep them refrigerated or frozen for longest shelf life, especially in warmer climates. Remember, BudiBars® can go from freezer to fridge to room temperature and back again as many times as you like, and they only take a matter of minutes to defrost at room temperature.  So, keep your BudiBars® cool and enjoy them to the fullest!
And speaking of fullest, don’t forget to drink a full glass of water or a smoothie with your BudiBar® .  The hemp and chia seeds in the bar will expand, keeping you feeling energized and full for hours 🙂
Can’t decide which flavors to order?  Try the new BudiBar® Sampler with 25 bars, 5 of each delicious variety or the 10-pack Sampler with 2 of each.  Subscription customers, enjoy FREE SHIPPING with every monthly or quarterly order. Check out our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram for details on how you can win free BudiBars® and other cool prizes.