Dear Valued and Budiful Customers,

During these uncertain times we wanted to reach out and let you all know how we are operating. We want to assure you that we have plenty of product and are able to fulfill any and all orders made on our website or on Amazon. All of our products are individually wrapped and are handled with the upmost regard to safety protocols at all times. For those of you unable to leave the house you can get BudiBars delivered directly to your home to minimize time in public while still maintaining a healthy and wholesome diet.

This is a difficult and uneasy time but together we will all make it through.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns and, as always, have a Budiful day!

BudiBar® Vegan & Gluten Free



Gluten Free - Nut Free - Sugar Free
Sodium Free - Cholesterol Free - High Fiber
Vegan and Paleo Varieties for All Dietary Needs


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What is BudiBar®?

All bars are gluten free and certified kosher. Almond Dark and Walnut Dark are certified vegan, dairy free, low in sugar, and high in fiber. Cacao is sugar free, nut free, certified vegan, dairy free, and high in fiber. Please explore our website to learn more about our high-quality, superfood ingredients and why they will make you happy and wise!

Almond Budibar
Almond Dark Budibar
Walnut Budibar
Walnut Dark Budibar

LUNCH ON THE RUN Perfect for days when my classes are during lunch time!
Jen, College Student