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Our Mission

BudiBar® is the award-winning Gourmet Superfood Nutrition Bar specifically formulated to enhance mental focus and provide sustained energy. “Budi” is Indonesian for “Wise” and our mission is to provide you with gourmet food that enhances brain function and so much more.  BudiBars® fit easily into the current trend of food label awareness and the increasing commitment to an “eat clean” lifestyle. They are a natural choice for consumers looking for healthy grab-and-go, real food options that satisfy very specific dietary needs and healthy living goals. We’re very proud of our simple, natural ingredients and we’re passionate about nourishing your brain and body while delighting your taste buds!

From the CEO of Budi Brands

I loved BudiBars® from my first taste back in 2010, and came to rely on them for healthy food on the go – both in my busy life as a theatrical and architectural lighting designer and as a passionate fitness instructor.  When BudiBars® went out of production in January of 2015, I panicked.  What would I tuck into my briefcase or gym bag everyday?  I felt compelled to rescue BudiBars® – for myself, for everyone who missed them, and for all those who would love them in the future.

So, with the help of a few friends who believed in BudiBar® and in me, we bought the company and got to work. Six months later, we were back on the shelves at Whole Foods and independents alike, including natural food groceries, juice bars, coffee shops, gourmet shops, hospital cafeterias, fitness studios, and more.  The positive response from former retailers and online store customers was overwhelming, because they knew that BudiBars® were uniquely different from all others on the market.

There are now five flavors in production with more on the way.  Gluten free BudiBars® come in certified vegan, certified kosher, sugar free, nut free, sodium free, cholesterol free, high fiber, and dairy free options for all dietary needs. Enjoyed with a glass of water, the chia and hemp seeds will expand to keep you full for hours.  The antioxidants in dark chocolate, coconut, nuts, and seeds contribute to enhanced brain function – that’s why we call them “Food for Thought”. I hope you will try them all, then let me know which is your favorite and what other flavors you might enjoy!


Nancy Goldstein
CEO Budi Brands


New England Dessert Showcase

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014: Best Healthy Choice

2013, 2014: Best Vegan Dessert

2014: Best Gluten Free

2012: Best Naturally Sugar Free