January 2020 Newsletter

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year with BudiBar! 

Make BudiBar a healthy, handy companion to your day! BudiBars are a delicious, under 300 calorie meal replacement and we want to help bring BudiBar’s benefits into your everyday life. So . . . We are offering 10% off monthly subscriptions all year!

BudiBars are packed with chia and hemp seeds that, when activated by water, expand in your stomach to keep you full for hours with a no-crash energy boost! Whether you need breakfast on-the-go or a quick lunch sitting at your desk, all you need is a BudiBar and a glass of water to power through your day. Put those cravings to bed – who knew a meal replacement bar could go so far?

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BudiBar is Launching in Whole Foods Northeast!

We are proud to announce that we will be launching in the Whole Foods Northeast Region this month! You will be able to get Almond dark, Walnut Dark, and Cacao in Whole Foods all over New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut by the end of January. So keep an eye out for us in the bakery case and remember to take a pic of your BudiBar and tag us in it to be entered to win 10 free bars!

As of today, all BudiBar packs ship free on Amazon! Check out BudiBars on Amazon to get all your favorite flavors!


Half a BudiBar for a lasting snack!

I find BudiBars to be a great way to stave off late afternoon hunger.  When I go right from work to my son’s baseball games I always snack on a half bar.  It’s just enough to keep me away from the snack shack fries or other unhealthy hunger fixes.  I love the walnut dark and almond dark bars.  They are my healthy, all natural brownie and have gotten me through many innings during baseball season! – Mary, Massachusetts

Thanks for sharing, Mary! How do you bring BudiBar into your daily routine? Let us know and we may feature your story next.