Keep It Healthy in 2018 with fresh BudiBars®!

Happy Summer! Celebrate the warm weather with this newest deal to help you stay healthy all the way through the year! Summer is for backyard BBQs and sunny picnics, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unhealthy. All August use coupon code healthy2018 to get free shipping on Vegan/Paleo mixes and Samplers and grab a BudiBars® for you next beach snack or dessert for a crowd! Remember to stay connected to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – you won’t want to miss our new Keep It Healthy deal every month this year!

Sunny days are finally here, so here’s a warm weather tip for you.  If your BudiBars® seem a little soft on arrival, just pop them in the fridge or freezer for a few hours – then enjoy!

Win FREE BudiBars®!

Take a photo of your BudiBar® sticker wherever it’s landed, or a picture of BudiBars® wherever you find them, post it on any of our social media platforms, and you’ll be entered in our monthly random drawing to win a free 10-pack of BudiBars®!  Best yet, your submission stays entered until it’s drawn as a winner. What could be sweeter than that?
Every BudiBar® order is shipped with this cool sticker:
BudiBars® are baked fresh without preservatives and kept frozen until they ship to you. budibarPlease keep them refrigerated or frozen for longest shelf life, especially in warmer climates. Remember, BudiBars® can go from freezer to fridge to room temperature and back again as many times as you like, and they only take a matter of minutes to defrost at room temperature.  So, keep your BudiBars® cool and enjoy them to the fullest!
And speaking of fullest, don’t forget to drink a full glass of water or a smoothie with your BudiBar® .  The hemp and chia seeds in the bar will expand, keeping you feeling energized and full for hours 🙂
Can’t decide which flavors to order?  Try the new BudiBar® Sampler with 25 bars, 5 of each delicious variety or the 10-pack Sampler with 2 of each.  Subscription customers, enjoy FREE SHIPPING with every monthly or quarterly order. Check out our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram for details on how you can win free BudiBars® and other cool prizes.