The Power of the Plant

Plant-based diets are the hot thing in nutrition nowadays, leading many to trade in animal products, dairy products and processed foods for diets that focus on whole foods. You might be tempted to dismiss these diets as fleeting fads, but the extensive benefits of adopting a plant-based diet transcend the trendiness. Plant-based diets eliminate the cravings created by processed foods. And for those concerned about lost protein consumption in a meatless diet, plant-based diets have many sources of plant-protein (soy, nuts and pulses). By adopting a plant-based diet you are essentially retraining your body to stop craving the bad stuff and start consuming the good.

Happy, healthy body

Switching animal for plant products can work wonders for your overall health and longevity. Plant-based diets are full of nutrient-packed foods—like chia and hemp seeds, coconut, almonds and walnuts—that contain omega-3, fiber and antioxidants. These nutrients promote memory health and lower blood pressure and cholesterol by giving your body good fat instead of the bad fat found in many animal products. According to a recent study, the switch can reduce bad cholesterol by 5%. While that might not seem like much, reduction of this bad cholesterol (which can lead to nasty plaque buildup in the arteries) can help manage or lower your risk for life-threatening diseases like heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Happy, healthy Earth

Not only does a plant-based diet keep your body clean and healthy, but it does the same for the environment. Animal-based products like meat and eggs require a lot of energy to produce, due to what is needed to maintain livestock farming. Less energy is required to produce plant- based products. The less energy needed for production, the lower the contribution to greenhouse gas emissions – another good reason, when presented with so many different options at the grocery store, to go plant-based!. . Your body and your planet will thank you.

Making the switch…

Switching to a plant-based diet may seem daunting, so just take small steps that will keep you healthy in the long run. Begin by adding plant-based products to your daily diet one serving at a time to wean your body off meat and addictive processed foods. BudiBars are perfectly formulated to help you make the switch. Made with superfood ingredients like chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, walnuts, coconut, and more, every BudiBar is packed with beneficial, powerful nutrients.

“It is encouraging to learn that people are increasingly adopting a plant-based lifestyle for its health, environmental, and numerous other benefits,” says wellness coach Annalisa Di Palma, owner of bREAL Health Coaching and Personal Training. “Healthy vegan options such as BudiBar make snacking-on-the-go easier, tastier and more nutritious than ever. I keep a stock of the various flavors in my freezer at all times!”

Take a page from Annalisa’s book and stock up on BudiBars as a simple and delicious way to begin your plant-based diet. Learn more about the superfoods found in BudiBars here!